About Amanda

I have had many titles in my life…Student, Barista, Bartender, Consultant, Author, Director, Vice President and Wife.  But there is one role I have assumed that has both rewarded and challenged me like no other.  It is the one job I have ever had that constantly has me questioning whether I am doing things right and then looking back later and realizing that I could have done it better.  But its also the job where I end each day with the fulfillment of seeing that all my hard work has been returned to me in the form of admiration, acceptance and unconditional love.

I have written hundreds of blog posts of the past 10 years and even a few books.  The topics have always been a range between general musing to technical articles.  This blog is my outlet to share my experiences as a new mom, a working mom and as a “trying to do the best I can with what I got” mom.  Not everything I do is perfect.  But I do enter each day grateful for being blessed with a healthy, beautiful and sweet little girl that brings out the best in me and pushes me to be the best version of myself there is.

I am also interested in learning from others. Some of the greatest wins in my time as a parent has been due to tips and tricks I have learned from other parents.  So if you are reading this, drop me a line either using the contact form below or on Twitter.

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